“Zeitgleich”, the German title of our project translates as both “At the same time” as well as “Time equals …” Linked to the rapid changes of our Digital Age the correct and wrong use of time is being discussed increasingly. There are those who are trying to get away from the increasing pace and the mechanical rythm that determines both our job as well as our private lives as well as others who regard acceleration of processes through technical advancements as a positive phenomenon which can free up space.

What’s it all about?

Our objective is producing a collaborative, hybrid documentary movie on acceleration and deceleration of time.

What’s special about it?

You are all part of the project.

How can you participate?

Get immersed with the topic. Shoot video clips, take photos, write a text, compose music…

What’s our plan?

From the variety of different contributions and content we are going to produce a film. Your film.

What do you need to look out for?

Nearly all means of communication and creation are welcome. Submissions just have to be made digitally. For more information follow this link!


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